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I've worked as an information and referral specialist for 30 years, connecting people who are newly diagnosed with local, regional, and national sources of information, education, and support.

My views on vaccines was neutral until I met my first vaccine victim, a university student who was hospitalized and suffered brain damage following a Hep B vaccine. She wasn't alone, there was one other student who suffered same outcome suggesting a bad batch. She wasn't able to continue her education.

Since that time, our 16 year old, healthy granddaughter who received two C19 vaccinations and the booster developed T1DM (1/400) in December '21.

And most sadly, my husband who got the Janssen vaccination in May '21 with a clean CT scan before and two weeks after his C19 vaccination, died from neuroendocrine tumors of pancreas & liver, (1/million), a rare fast growing cancer 10 months post vaccination. Married 40 years. I miss him so much.

Those doctors you're going after...are my heros. They're saving lives every day. And some of them, including Pierre Kory, have been publishing in the medical literature for decades.

We've had early treatment protocols that work for C19 since March '20. And they work for the vaccinated too, not just the unvaccinated. Beginning in December '20, whenever a family member or friend developed C19 symptoms and tested positive, I provided them with the FLCCC's early treatment protocol and they all came through it fine, including our daughter-in-law whose oxygen levels were dropping.

That vaccine isn't helping everyone. Some have experienced adverse events, injuries, permanent disabilities, or, like my husband, death. He was perfectly healthy prior to getting his C19 vaccine. I'm now fighting to find a way to keep the home we've shared for 27 years.

After what our family has been through, I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable taking a vaccine again. And I fail to understand why anyone would take it, especially our babies and children, now that we know that the C19 vaccines neither prevents infection or transmission of C19 to others.

I'm the only one in my family who's not vaccinated. I live in fear we're going to lose more family members. My understanding is that the pharmaceutical industry expects us to take a total of 6 of these C19 vaccines each.

What distresses me the most is that the vaccine concentrates in the ovaries and testes (Pfizer's distribution study, Japan). We have three granddaughters, and one grandson. I'd like to have great grandchildren one day. But that may not happen now.

In my lifetime, I've seen a good healthcare system suffer increasingly from corruption by the pharmaceutical industry over and over again.

Our family has always emphasized following a healthy lifestyle. Only my husband had to take medication for long standing hypertension. I would never consider working with a doctor who emphasizes pharmaceutical products over a healthy lifestyle. You're just starting out in you're medical career and you're already on the pharmaceutical band wagon which is unfortunate, because most of your patients will, initially at least, prefer pills to leading a healthy lifestyle. See where that leads, especially for those with diabetes. That last decade for those folks is awful...chronic heart failure, dialysis, amputations. Fun stuff.

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Allison, why don't you debate me on a public zoom call? I've got a huge audience. I'll make you famous for taking me down.

After all, misinformation kills, right?

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All these negative comments - the stories shared here in the comments are all hearsay. Nothing has been verified. I have read these same stories repeated over and over by different people claiming it is their personal story. A lot of these stories are just that, stories, told with the purpose of spreading fear and misinformation. Everything in this article is supported by credible evidence and has been verified. Those denouncing it are the problem. They use scare tactics and fear mongering to promote their antivax agenda. Thank you so much for writing this informative article.

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Thank you for this excellent post. Vaccines save lives.


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I have such admiration for these people.

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The politicians and scientists who pushed for and implemented lockdowns of healthy individuals and closure of schools should be held accountable. Lockdowns we’re an utter failure!!! And all the mRNA injections are doing is driving variants and killing a shit ton of people in their wake.

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This showed up in my Twitter feed today...

Wolzet @WolzetIlze

11:30 AM · May 2, 2022·Twitter

My son, 22, died 24.2.22. 6 weeks after his 1st J&J vaccine.

The day after the shot his nose started running and he did not feel well. He had episodes of vomiting, and the 13.2.22 was his last 'healthy' day.

His health deteriorated very very fast his last weeks. He went to the doctor where they treated him for a stomach ulcer first. He was vomiting the whole time and severely dehydrated with severe stomach pain. I took him back to another doctor a few days later and told him he had the vaccine, and with a stomach x-ray they confirmed there's no movement in his bowel. They treated him for paralytic ileus [A condition in which the muscles of the intestines do not allow food to pass through, resulting in a blocked intestine. Paralytic ileus may be caused by surgery, inflammation, and certain drugs].

My son had difficulty swallowing, he could not eat, he had no stools, his stomach was bulging and he was still vomiting. His whole body was shutting down, his kidneys, brain, etc. He looked like a cancer patient.

The hospital released him on a fluid diet. I took him back but he died in my arms. They wanted to resuscitate him, but all that vomit came out his nose and filled his lungs, nothing they could do for him.

This picture was 2 days before his death. He was severely dehydrated and his body shutting down.


He complained he could not sleep since he got the vaccine, his brain did not switch off and he felt strange. We are still waiting for the pathology report as all organs were sent for histology.

The second picture was his normal healthy self.



This is the link to the first tweet in the mother's original thread... https://twitter.com/WolzetIlze/status/1521195509045735425


This mother's description of what happened to her beautiful, twenty-two year old son is one of the most difficult to take in of the many, many stories I've read or heard over the last year and a half. It's devastatingly heart breaking. And I want justice for her son, and for her loss. I wonder how many of these stories you've taken the time to read or listen to.

It's just one account. There are thousands on the internet if you know where to look. Based on your writings, I don't think you're capable of getting how horrific this death was for this mother. It's unlikely you've experienced pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and raising a child to adulthood, only to watch that young man's life destroyed and taken by a vaccine that doesn't even prevent infection or transmission.

This documentary from Israel tells more stories... http://www.vaxtestimonies.org/en/

More stories can be found here on Twitter... https://twitter.com/Storiesofinjury

Those frontline doctors you're attacking, and so many others throughout the world like them have been saving lives with early treatment protocols that work for more than two years now, while you finished medical school. I find you smugness repulsive, you're inability to empathize with vaccine victims and their families unconscionable.

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Utter crap. Boring. What did you prove here? That you can’t write.

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Here you can see some misinformation... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7WwDLzG--Y&t=145s

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Blow up Pfizer’s HQ

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Thank you to the 4 physician groups!! Keep up the great work

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Fucking heroes

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I'm not sure why GBD is being lumped in with Anti-Vax, I didn't think it had an official stance on vaccines and Jay Battacharya personally has made several pro Covid Vaccine statements.

The GBD's take on the unintended harms of public health policy does seem to be validated in the WHO's acknowledgement of non covid excess deaths.


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Hey Allison - we'd love to have you on our podcast to discuss this.

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Could you provide your name and credentials please.

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